“Top 4 Stereotypes and Perceptions Surrounding a Full Beard”

As trendy and stylish as we think our facial hair may be there has always been a number of mixed perceptions and stereotypes associated with having that extra bit of facial hair; which I am sure you are all well aware of.

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13 Photographs proving why growing a beard is a game changer & why you need to grow yours.

If your sitting on the fence, here are 13 different beardspiration photos proving why growing a beard is a game changer and why you need to grow yours.

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Grooming Tips: The Definitive Guide On How to style your beard

If you want to keep your beard looking stylish, tidy & healthy, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Trimming your beard helps emphasise different features. No matter the length, make sure you shave...

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Top Tips: How to naturally grow a thicker, fuller beard

Nobody grows a thick beard first time round. These things require time, commitment and a few effective tricks to bring the appearance you desire.

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Bearded Assumptions: Are they true?

What do you think your beard says about you? Does it say that you are an academic? A bit set in your ways? Rugged? Manly? Stylish?

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