New Year, New You

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Just like the vast majority, I tend to make the same resolution every New Year. Unlike the vast majority, I strive to keep the resolution that I set on January 1st, rather than brushing it under a rug or turning a blind eye.

A resolution I keep renewing year after year, not because of repeat failure, but because of repeated success!

For me, it boils to down to two little words: Try Harder

Year on year I vow to myself that the challenges I face in the year ahead, and those that have arisen in my previous year, experience some form of positive growth.

While results can range vary from small changes such as walking a flight of stairs rather than taking the lift, to major strides such as learning to drive; I never feel as if I have not reached or failed my goals. No matter what, I’ve improved as a person.

So as each new year rolls around, and as time so eloquently flies by without a care in the world, I start to explore areas in my life that stand out and require a little change and how I can move forward to improve in the next twelve months.

What has 2016 had install for you so far? Was your goal to learn a new language? Maybe lose weight? Promising yourself you’ll be fluent in a matter of months, or get lean by summer is wonderful, but in reality if your closing in on your target and are not in reach of your goal, your mission was a fail. But it’s the result of tangible goal setting. Whatever you have achieved it becomes a stimulus for further improvement next time around.

If your resolution was the simple promise of improvement, the small steps you take turn in to signs of progression. The vision of applying the same regulation to each calendar month becomes attainable, and as we start to close in on another year and reach the final chapter, you can look back and relish in your accomplishments.

It must be made clear. I do not resent those who create impressive goals, and then go and achieve them. In fact, I admire and respect your determination. You guys are a super breed. But for those like myself, who enjoy taking small strides, we must consider our challenges that are yet to be succeeded, not unattainable.

As we look forward to the many months we are to experience in this New Year. Let set new milestones that create a new you.


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