13 Photographs proving why growing a beard is a game changer & why you need to grow yours.

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So, your debating whether to grow a beard or have a close shave that’s smoother than a baby’s buttocks. If your sitting on the fence, here are 13 different beardspiration photos proving why growing a beard is a game changer and why you need to grow yours.


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Beards That Will Make You Want To Embrace The Trend


1, Jake Gyllenhaal




2, Drake




3, Chris Pine
4, David Beckham
5, George Clooney


Jake Gyllenhaal, Drake, Chris Pine, Becks and George Clooney all maintain a certain style. Short yet stylish, minimal yet regular maintenance is the key to keeping such a look the way you want. Certainly a style that never goes out of fashion.


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6,Tom Hardy


7, James Franco
8, Justin Timberlake
9, Chris Hemsworth
10, Zac Efron


Alternatively, you can go for a more relaxed look or choose to model some stubble.


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11, Mel Gibson
12, Pierce Brosnan


Or maybe you you want to provide a bit of pizazz to your look and apply some wax. A strong option for all you peacockers out there.



13, Mr.Spud




Whichever look you choose, it seems impossible to go wrong.



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