Style Tips 101: How to create the full beard

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It may seem as though some men can grow a beard without any hassle. They simply stop shaving and let nature take its course. These lucky men are few and far between – the majority of us need to put in a bit of effort to maintain a neat and attractive beard.


The good news is that a little attention goes a long way. In the first month of growth it is best to leave the beard well alone to allow it time to grow to a decent length and find its natural path. After this, you will need a pair of beard scissors, a razor and some conditioning beard oil.


Keeping your Beard Tidy is a Snip


Any beardsman worth his facial hair will know that each wiry strand grows at a slightly different pace. So after a month’s worth of growth, your beard will be quite uneven. Now is the time to take your beard scissors and trim the hairs so that they are all the same length. Be careful not to get too scissor-happy, as you will end up undoing all of your hard work so far. Take your time to ensure you cut just what you need to, and nothing else. When you have finished the beard, turn your attention to the moustache, as nobody likes chewing on their lip hair!


Put your Neck on the Line


Creating a tidy neckline is what sets a styled beard apart from an unruly one. Use your beard razor to create a neat line where your neck starts, so that your entire jaw is still covered by hair. If you start any higher up, it will be difficult to get such a tidy finish, and mistakes are more likely to happen. One little wobble, and you can accidently cut up higher than intended. If you have started at the curve where your neck meets your head, you can afford to tidy this up. But if you have started at the base of your chin, any mistakes will show on your face, and you will have to start your beard journey all over again.


Get your Cheeks on Fleek


Please gloss over our use of the word “fleek”, and be sure to pay some attention to the north-side of your beard. How much your shave will depend on the style you’ve chosen, and those with lighter beard tones may choose to skip this step altogether. However, if you have put the effort in to tidy up the rest of the beard, you may as well get clean cheeks too. There is no room for error here, so go carefully, aiming to have the top of the beard just below your cheek bones.


The Oily Beard gets the Worm…


…Or some pun to that effect. But don’t forget to add a little beard oil to your newly trimmed tresses, as this will keep your facial hair looking smooth, neat and groomed. It conditions your beard, making it more manageable in the long term, and leaving you with soft locks you will want to run your fingers through again and again.


Taking a little bit of pride in your beard’s appearance will transform your scruffy face into one that is suave and sophisticated. So put your best chin forward and treasure your fuzz!

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