Why Beards Can Improve Your Health

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As any experienced beardsman knows, there are many benefits to growing a full and bushy beard. For those of you who have just begun your journey, you should ignore anybody that is still trying to discourage you from growing yours. There may have been recent claims suggesting a bunch of bad things grow in beards, which is possible if you don’t take care of it. However, if you carry on using your Luvenesco product range, that’s something, you don’t need to worry about.


The truth of the matter is, growing a beard will make your more health rather than less, and there’s plenty science to back that fact up.


They Increase your Sex Appeal

We aren’t joking! The proof is in a 2008 study by the University of Northumbria. It showed that men with facial hair were seen as more sexually attractive to women than those without. The experiment involved 76 women, who were shown pictures of men with varying degrees of chin fluff. Generally, the women chose the men with a little stubble as being more attractive. And the bushier the beard, the more masculine the man seemed to be. Meanwhile, the clean-shaven men were seen as being sexually immature.

So a beard proves you are manly, and helps you become more desirable to women. Sex is also fantastic exercise, helping you to burn calories, relieve stress and keep your heart healthy.


They Keep Allergies at Bay

A beard provides the perfect natural barrier to allergens such as pollen, dust and pet hairs. These substances trigger a reaction when they are inhaled through the nose, but those wiry chin hairs create an extra hurdle for the allergens to navigate before they make it that far. And most are simply trapped in the fluff until you trim or shave your beard. The few that are ingested into the body are at a low enough dosage that they may actually help to increase the beard-wearer’s immunity to the allergen, so that the beardy benefits are felt even if you choose to shave it off one day. A good excuse for every man to grow a beard at some point in their life! Take that, hayfever!

One word of advice, lads – keep that beard clean. If you allow the allergens to build up in your fuzz, it will have the opposite effect, and make your allergies worse.

Effective Sun Protection

And in just the same way, beards are able to protect your complexion from damaging UV rays. The natural, hairy barrier blocks the sun from your face, helping to keep you cancer-free and youthful-looking. A study carried out on mannequins in Australia showed that a fluffy blockade offered up to 95% protection from burning. Of course, you still need to use sunscreen on any other exposed areas of skin (particularly on the delicate face area), and the Australians insist on wide-brimmed hats to offer shade, but the bigger and thicker your beard, the more protection you can enjoy. So don’t fuss about your sweaty, itchy chin – its keeping you safe from the sun!


Fight Off Colds

Thick, hairy necks also help to catch any airborne bacteria, keeping you safe from infection. But if any particles do still make it up your nose, your beard provides your body with the perfect insulation to help it kill off the virus. A book written back in 1875 by Addison P Dutcher confirmed this theory. Although you will still feel rough for a few days, your body will be more efficient at ridding you of that cold. Coughs and sore throats will also disappear quickly. Think of your beard as a self-grown scarf – effective protection against the cold weather and associated illnesses.


So next time somebody tells you that your fluffy pride and joy is unhygienic, you have an informed response to quietened their qualms. Your beard clearly makes you a healthier person!

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