Can working out help you grow a better beard?

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At Luvenesco, we are confident that beards provide a range of benefits to those who choose grow theirs out. There are countless reasons for why beards can improve your overall health, and keep you looking and feeling at its best. However, when it comes to kick-starting the rate at which your beard chooses to grow, we are often asked what are the most efficient and effective techniques.


Similar to our health, the most efficient way to boost one’s beard growth is through regular exercise. Over recent years, there have been studies, showing that regular exercise can increase the rate that your facial hair grows.

Great news for those struggling to sprout a bit of chin fluff; maybe less-than-welcome news for those who can’t keep their glorious face manes under control. But what it is about exercise that makes our beards grow faster?


  • Exercise improves our overall bodily health. The stronger and more efficient our bodies are, the stronger our hair becomes.


  • Exercise puts our bodies into recovery more, which encourages hair and skin replenishment.


  • Exercise boosts our metabolism, which can sprout our hair growth and health.


  • Exercise boosts our testosterone levels, and it is our testosterone that triggers facial hair growth.


The first point to note is that exercise makes us healthier. The stronger and more efficient our bodies are, the quicker they will be able to produce facial hair. So, while diet plays an important role in your overall wellbeing, it is through exercise that you will really boost your heart rate and notice a more toned physique. As your muscles are growing, your metabolism is working better, and everything else in your body is benefitting, including your hair.

When you workout, your muscles are tested to the point where many of them tear. It is this process of tearing and repairing that encourages them to become bigger, which is how you get your biceps to grow, and your six pack to appear. The recovery period that your body experiences after a workout extends to areas such as your hair and skin. The long-term effects are that your skin becomes firmer and plumper, and your hair becomes stronger, glossier and longer. If you are a fan of the man bun, this can only be a good thing, but if you were just hoping for a more beautiful beard, start lifting those weights!

So, if the above is all true, why is it that women who regularly exercise aren’t having to shave their chins? Maybe you already know this, but testosterone plays a huge part in beard-growing, and women just don’t produce this in the same quantities we do. If you have a lovely full face of hair, then you can pat yourself on the back and be proud of the huge amount of testosterone coursing through your veins. If not, don’t despair. Exercise does wonders for increasing the amount of testosterone in a man’s body. So if you have tried everything, but have so far struggled to sprout so much as an extra eyebrow hair, upping your exercise regime could be the answer.

So hit the gym, pound the streets or jump in the pool. Whatever your exercise of choice, do more of it. Not only will you look and feel better for it, you will also see the difference in your beard. What a great side effect! I’m off for a run right now!

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