3 Bad Habits That Might Be Affecting Your Beard

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There is something about a majestic, full beard that makes us want to touch it at every opportunity. Stroking, teasing and pulling at your beard can become a habit that seems harmless. But the truth is, that you could be damaging your facial hair to the point where you may have to shave it off.


Problem Number One

If you consistently tug at one area on your beard, it won’t be long before you start pulling hairs out. This will cause bald patches to appear on your face, which will completely ruin all your hard work in growing and maintaining your magnificent mane. And of course, this applies to the plucking of greys. Don’t do it. Not only do you risk a patchy beard, but you will also encourage those hairs to grow back thicker, shorter and more obvious.


Problem Number Two

Even stroking your beard on a regular basis can have negative effects. If you keep your beard soft and smooth through the use of beard wax or oil, it can be extremely tempting to run your hands through your facial hair. However, this can lead to oily skin breaking out in acne underneath the beard, which can be painful and irritating. Meanwhile, on dry skin, this regular contact can cause dandruff, which is never a good look.

The key to breaking these beard-related habits, is to look for the triggers that lead you to unconsciously reach for your chin. Then you can take the necessary steps to stop yourself. Some people choose to sit on their hands, or put them in their pockets when they find they have nothing to keep them busy. While others prefer to keep a comb nearby so that they can comb their beard instead of pulling at it. While this is preferable to stroking and pulling at your beard, it should still be kept to a minimum, as discussed in Problem Number Three. Finally, you could choose to put a little bit of money in a pot every time you find yourself touching your beard.

Problem Number Three

Regular maintenance of your beard is obviously a good thing. But over-washing will dry out your beard. Shampoo your facial hair no more than three times a week, and use a dedicated cleanser rather than the one you would use for your head hair, as these traditional shampoos will also leave your beard feeling coarse and dry. It is also possible to over-comb your beard. Only de-tangle as necessary.


Don’t worry bearded buddies, we will help you break the bad habit cycle, and keep your beard looking better for longer.




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