“Top 4 Stereotypes and Perceptions Surrounding a Full Beard”

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As trendy and stylish as we think our facial hair may be there has always been a number of mixed perceptions and stereotypes associated with having that extra bit of facial hair; which I am sure you are all well aware of. To fully appreciate exactly how fuller beards may be perceived by others we’ve put together four of the most common beard stereotypes, just in case you were wondering what others are really thinking.


1. Age and Wisdom 

Starting off with the most obvious one, there is no doubt that by sporting a fuller beard you’ve also managed to pack on the years. But don’t see this as all bad, some males are envious of that fuller face of fuzz as they are most likely struggling to form even the finest of stashes in order to disguise their baby face features.

Along with age comes wisdom, yes, I am right the impossible can be done, you really can look more knowledgeable all thanks to a bit of hair. However, it should be noted that you might want to put some effort into grooming it properly, as a poorly groomed beard will just make you look like a scruffy older man lacking any sort of intellect. To ensure your beard is groomed to a professor level, GQ magazine has put together some tips for maintaining that bushy beard, be sure to check it out at http://www.gq.com/story/maintain-big-bushy-beard 


2. True Masculinity and Superiority 

Since the middle ages, one unfailing perception associated with the style of a fuller beard is a sense of true masculinity and superiority.

Popular Medieval Kings and Knights known throughout time, such as King Arthur and Richard the Lionheart heavily favoured fuller beards as they believed it represented a performance of true masculinity. Today this reoccurring perception still exists, as shaving suggests that you are a refined and cultivated male of society who is trying to surrender the beast within.


3. Untrustworthy, Lazy and Lacking Lustre

As undoubtingly trustworthy and loyal you may be, there is always something pulling you back to the dark side. And as much as we hate to admit it, it’s all surrounding the hair on your face. Unfortunately, for males who have decided the fuller beard is for them, there are common suggestions that you are not only too lazy to groom yourself but cannot be trusted either. That’s why we suggest that if you are going to Braveheart the big and bold beard do it in a well-groomed manner. The best way to bring luster and shine to your beard is by using high-quality Beard Oils.

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4. Sexual Abstinence

Well, this is one stereotype your girlfriends will be happy about, but if you’re single, please look away now. It is true, without the beard you are making yourself appear more sexually appealing to a larger range of women. Whereas, with a fuller beard you may still be just as sexually attractive, if not more, just to different subgroups of women who you wouldn't normally approach you without the beard. So it’s not all bad, maybe it's even worth a try to grow out that stubble and experience something new.


To end things off on a positive note, as Christopher Oldstone-Moore quotes “one of the ways to show you have a personal choice is to have some facial hair”. So, men go forth and grow out those follicles, unleash the inner beast and deceive your way to wisdom.

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