Top Tips: How to naturally grow a thicker, fuller beard

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Guys, the truth is there are no secrets to growing a thick beard. We all want our beard to grow fast, thick and full, but this isn’t the case for many of us.

You are looking in the bathroom mirror, and all you can see is an uneven, thin and patchy beard. All hope is gone. But before you even consider to touch that razor of yours, remember that everything comes to him who waits. Nobody grows a thick beard first time round. These things require time, commitment and a few effective tricks to bring the appearance you desire. So fear not we are about to put your worries to rest and share our top tips to help you get on the journey to grow a fuller, thicker beard.




We’ve been in this situation. We understand. You’ve tried to grow a beard, but it ends up becoming a disaster and we completely get where you’re coming from. In fact, very few guys grow thick beards first time round and it can take years before our genetics kick in. The simple reality is, the longer you leave it, the thicker your beard will grow. Over time, many of the patches you are faced with in the early stages, will slowly but surely fill in, and your moustache will connect up to the rest of your facial hair. Like everything, all good things eventually come to those that wait.




With the day-to-day running of our lives, we often get caught up in activities that cause us to to stress out. But remember, take a step-back and a deep breath. Having time to relax is key to growing your beard. When you face stressful situations your cortisol levels in your body rise and this has a negative impact on your testosterone development. One simple, effective way to manage this is meditation. This is a time for you to let go of your stress and take a break from worrying about your problems. Enjoy the moment. Just breath…just be.



It might seem an obvious point to bring up, but if you don’t take care of your skin, how can you expect to grow a healthy beard? Beards have a range of benefits; one of those being it traps dirt and dries out our skin is hard at work, over time old cells die and are replaced with new ones. This is why using a beard wash and moisturiser are essential for maintaining healthy facial hair and skin. Washing your face with a beard wash helps exfoliate the skin and cleans the beard allowing the skin to breath, while moisturising improves hydration. In essence, this will boost your beard growth and over time you will see the benefits of growing a thicker, fuller beard.



You have 99 beard combs and can’t even find one. If that’s you, then we suggest you take action now and make sure you have a comb on hand at all times. From your sideburns to your chin, your beard hair will grow in different directions. The best way to battle the beast? Using a beard comb allows you to style your beard and evenly distribute your facial hair immediately giving the appearance that you have a naturally thick beard -  good news for those who deal with patches.



For you guys out there, the growing process can take some time. We know this can be frustrating but do stay committed. Start by keeping your slightly less full beard at short length gradually allowing the length to increase and continue your quest to grow the most epic beard of all time!





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