Why Beards Can Improve Your Health

As any experienced beardsman knows, there are many benefits to growing a full and bushy beard. For those of you who have just begun your journey...

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Top 5 Gadgets you Need in Your Life

If, like us, you are a gadget-mad dude, then you will already own a house-full of weird and wonderful technological items. There is something about a product with buttons that sends us all crazy, but the problem is there are so many awesome techie devices out there, it makes it hard to decide what to invest in.

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Style Tips 101: How to create the full beard

It may seem as though some men can grow a beard without any hassle. They simply stop shaving and let nature take its course. These lucky men are few and far between – the majority of us need to put in a bit of effort to maintain a neat and attractive beard...

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Insta-changes: Stay calm & Don't turn on notifications

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year (or maybe you are just super-competent at avoiding social media), you will know that Instagram has changed its algorithm.

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How to Maintain Your Beard

Before making the decision to grow a beard, be sure to consider the upkeep that it will entail. Sure, shaving on a regular basis is a pain, but having an unkempt, unruly bush on your face is far worse. Beards are very high-maintenance and require regular attention to ensure you look distinguished and handsome like Brad Pitt, rather than crazy and homeless like Tom Hanks in Castaway!

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